Privacy, Data Security & Mobile Threat Consulting by Industry Insider Rex M. Lee

In today's connected world understanding privacy, cyber security and safety threats associated with connected technology is a must.

Connected products as a whole are designed for consumerism which poses huge privacy, cyber security and safety threats to information, communications and data within a confidential & protected environment governed by legal agreements, cyber security standards, information processing standards and confidentiality laws.

Understanding the threats posed by leaky connected technology is must for the defense industry, government, critical infrastructure, medical professionals, legal professionals and enterprise business.

My Smart Privacy (“MSP”) will help your organization understand the privacy, cyber security and safety threats posed by B.Y.O.D. programs, connected products, apps, widgets, intrusive content and predatory surveillance & data mining business practices employed by data driven technology providers.

MSP will help your organization understand:

  • How Much Confidential and Protected Information Your Organization is Leaking via Intrusive Connected Technology

  • The Terms of Use that Support Connected Products

  • Intrusive Preinstalled ("Rooted") & Third-party Technology (Apps, Widgets, Etc.)

  • Surveillance Capitalism- The Business Model

  • Predatory Operating Systems ("OS")

  • How to Protect Confidential and Protected Personal & Professional Digital DNA

In today’s connected world a single smartphone user can be simultaneously monitored, tracked and data mined by as many as 15 or more multinational companies who are responsible for the development of predatory surveillance and data mining technology associated with connected products supported by the android OS, Apple iOS and Microsoft Windows OS.

Some data driven technology providers responsible for the development of addictive, intrusive, harmful and exploitive technology compete in many industries from around the globe posing huge privacy, cyber security and safety threats to people who work within the defense industry, critical infrastructure, government, technology and enterprise business.

Many of these data driven technology providers are enabled by the FTC and FCC to lawfully monitor, track & data mine telecommunication subscribers that include Board Members, Sr. Executives, Management, Employees, Legal Professionals, Healthcare Providers, Cyber Security Professionals, IT Professionals, Generals, Officers, Law Enforcement Officials, First Responders, Government Officials, Law Makers, Citizens, Children and the list goes on…..

MSP will help identify privacy, cyber security and safety threats posed by intrusive connected technology developed by data driven technology providers who employ predatory surveillance and data mining business practices rooted in Surveillance Capitalism.

MSP will help mitigate risks and exposure while helping organizations identify safe & secure technology, set best practices & policies associated with the use of connected technology.

In addition, MSP will educate your organization in regards to the Surveillance Capitalism business model in order to help your organization understand what technology should not be used within a confidential and protected environment.

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