Surveillance Capitalism has Ended Privacy while Enabling Technology

Providers to Exploit Technology Users for Financial Gain

Consumer and Child Exploitation- "Uncompensated Information Producers"

Your Personal and professional Digital DNA is for Sale- But You are Not being Compensated

Understanding Surveillance Capitalism

The Surveillance Capitalism business model seeks to exploit the technology product user for financial gain at the expense of the product user’s civil liberties, privacy, cyber security and safety. 

Connected products such as smartphones, tablet PCs, TVs, voice automated products, automobiles, toys, PCs and other products are not private nor secure forms of telecommunications, computing and automation.

Connected products are designed to enable the product developers to Surveil and Data Mine the product user for financial gain.

Surveillance Capitalism

The Need for an Electronic Bill of Rights

Congressional Policy Change Proposal- Electronic Bill of Rights

It is time that lawmakers pass legislation designed to protect consumers, children, and business professionals from companies that employ predatory surveillance and data mining business practices rooted in Surveillance Capitalism.

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Surveillance Capitalism-

The Need For An Electronic Bill Of Rights" 

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Artificial Intelligence ("AI"), Predictive Analytics & Suggestive Technology pose

threats to Civil Liberties, Privacy, Cyber Security and Safety.

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