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Understanding Surveillance Capitalism

Monetizing and Exploiting the Product User for Financial Gain

Connected products such as smartphones have been on the market for over 10 years and yet individuals, businesses and government entities still do not understand how the products work or the business model that supports the products.

Smartphones and other connected products supported by the android OS, Apple iOS, and Microsoft Windows OS are supported by indiscriminate surveillance and data mining business practices rooted in Surveillance Capitalism.

Connected products supported by voice automated technology such Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Siri, and Microsoft Cortana are also supported by indiscriminate surveillance and data mining business practices rooted in Surveillance Capitalism.

Data driven technology providers such as Google, Apple and Microsoft have monetized their product users which has lead to numerous civil liberty, privacy, cyber security, safety and technology product user exploitation threats to individuals, children, business professionals, government officials and even law makers.

Any connected product or service supported by a Surveillance Capitalism business model enables the product developers and their partners with the ability to monitor, track and data mine the product user for financial gain at the expense of the product user’s civil liberties, privacy, cyber security and safety.

Companies such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook do not indemnify (protect) their product users from harm even if all parties concerned are negligent with the product user's personal and professional information as is the case with the Facebook Cambridge Analytica scandal.

Pending the operating system ("OS") of the connected product, a connected product user can be simultaneously monitored, tracked and data mined by as many as 15 or more multinational companies as a result of the uncontrollable preinstalled ("rooted") technology that support connected products such as a smartphone, tablet PC, TV, vehicle and PCs in general.

Don't take my word for this claim, T-Mobile admits that telecom products such as smartphones are not private, secure or safe forms of telecommunications and mobile computing.

According to T-Mobile, connected products supported by the android OS and Apple iOS do not provide private, secure or safe telecommunications and computing:

  • “We, too, remember a time before smartphones when it was reasonable to conclude that when you activated service with T-Mobile that only T-Mobile would have access to our personal information. However, with the Samsung Galaxy Note, the iPhone, and many other devices, there are indeed a variety of parties that may collect and use information.” — T-Mobile Privacy Team (FCC Consumer Complaint #423849 Filed by Rex M. Lee/Public Record).

T-Mobile Admission Letter:

Furthermore, Verizon confirms that a person cannot even purchase a private, secure or safe smartphone or flip phone due to uncontrollable preinstalled surveillance and data mining technology (apps, widgets, etc.):

  • "We have reviewed your request at the highest levels of our organization and have confirmed that the only solutions to make a phone private and secure are available through third parties, not directly from Verizon...Additionally, Verizon is not equipped to address preinstalled solutions or applications on any device."- July 2nd, 2018

Verizon Admission Email:

The T-Mobile and Verizon admissions confirm that civil liberties, privacy, cyber security and safety associated connected products supported by the android OS, Apple iOS and Microsoft Windows OS is non-existent. 

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