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Civil Liberty, Privacy, Cyber Security and Safety Threats are Real!

Example- Chinese & Facebook Surveillance Technology Preinstalled into a Samsung Galaxy Note (Android OS):

Facebook Cambridge Analytica Incident- Misuse of Personal & Professional Information

The Facebook Cambridge Analytica story should be a wake up  call to anyone who values civil liberties, privacy, cyber security, safety and good business ethics.

The civil liberty, privacy, cyber security, safety and technology product user exploitation threats exposed by the Facebook Cambridge Analytica incident are systemic to all telecom products and connected products supported by the Android OS, Apple iOS and Microsoft Windows OS due to predatory surveillance and data mining business practices employed by Google, Apple and Microsoft plus their relevant business partners ("trusted partners").

The truth is Google, Apple and Microsoft users have no idea how all parties concerned are using, sharing, selling, purchasing and aggregating the user's personal and professional Digital DNA which is comprised of surveillance data (e.g. location data) and sensitive user data (e.g. personal ID, text messages, email, etc.).

By the way Google, Apple and Microsoft will state that they do not reveal the product user's identity to third-parties but what they don't tell is that the unpublished (hidden in the device) terms of use such as preinstalled application permission statements do in fact tell the product user that they can be identified.

Aside from identifying the product user, the nontransparent preinstalled application permission statements also state that the application developer can share the user's ID, personal info and contact info with "Others".

Don't take my word for this, Google explains it all in the form a preinstalled android app permission that supports the Samsung Galaxy Note smartphone:

At any given time 15 or more multinational entities can simultaneously surveil and data mine a single smartphone or connected product user as a result of the preinstalled surveillance and data mining technology the product user cannot uninstall, control or disable.

This means that an organization or an individual may be exposing confidential and protected information to entities that could inadvertently bring harm to the product user such as; a) state actors b) data brokers c) current or future employers d) law enforcement e) business competitors f) bank & insurance underwriters g) institutions of higher learning and/or any other entity that could bring harm to the product user.

Companies such as Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Facebook are using artificial intelligence ("AI"), predictive analytics and suggestive technology in a manner that can bring harm to the product user such as the case with Cambridge Analytica's use of Facebook user data.

Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook and Cambridge Analytica can use AI, predictive analytics and suggestive technology to manipulate the product user into taking an action based on the product user's personal preferences which are brought to light using AI.

Once the user's personal preferences are identified, predictive analytics and suggestive technology are used to manipulate the product user into taking an action such as buying a retail product, clicking on a link or even voting for a presidential candidate which was the case regarding the Facebook Cambridge Analytica incident.

Telecom providers such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile put their telecom subscribers at risk by selling telecom related surveillance and sensitive user data to third-parties such as data brokers who are no better than Cambridge Analaytlca.

Don't take my word for it, recent headlines in the Washington Post (June 19, 2018) exposes the fact that the telecom and connected product user is for sale whether the product user  is an adult, child, business professional, government official or even a law maker:

MY Smart Privacy ("MSP") will help your organization identify the threats by providing research, analysis and reporting centered on the terms of use that support the connected products your organization is using. 

MSP will provide a preinstalled ("rooted") technology analysis helping your organization identify addictive, intrusive, harmful and exploitive technology that support telecom products, connected products and online services associated with your business.

MSP will also provide research, analysis and reporting in regards to intrusive products that are associated with existing B.Y.O.D. programs and/or vendors that support your organization.

MSP will work with your organization to find private, secure and safe alternative products and solutions that can be used in a confidential and protected environment governed by legal agreements, cyber security standards, information processing standards and confidentiality laws.

MSP will help your organization express concerns and negotiate new contracts with your existing telecom providers and connected product providers.  MSP will help your legal department understand the legal process that supports existing and new technology.

MSP will help your organization set polices and best practices designed to protect your civil liberties, privacy, information, data, telecommunications and safety.

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