How is it Legal to Use Addictive, Intrusive and Harmful Technology Designed to Exploit Technology Users For Financial Gain at the Expense of Privacy?

Answer- Product Terms of Use.  Silicon Valley tech giants intentionally design the Terms of Use that support connected products and online services to be torturous and deceptive so that the product user will simply click on "I Agree" without reading the Terms of Use.

My Smart Privacy will help your organization understand the Terms of Use that support your organization's connected products, cloud services and online services.

Many technology users have no idea that they are agreeing to:

  • Published (Online) Terms of Use- Terms and Conditions ("T&Cs"), Privacy Policies and End User Licensing Agreements ("EULAs")

  • Unpublished (Hidden in Product) Terms of Use-Preinstalled ("Rooted") Application Permission Statements, Application Product Warnings and Interactive Application Permission Command Strings

Example of Unpublished Terms of Use- Preinstalled Android Application Permission Statements & Application Product Warning (Samsung Galaxy Note Smartphone).  Apps can Identify Users:

Connected products such as smartphones are supported by well over a hundred intrusive and exploitive preinstalled application permission statements of which many contain nontransparent application product warnings.

Most connected product users or organization have no idea that the connected technology they are investing is supported by intrusive and exploitive application legalese hidden within the product and not published within online terms of use. 

In addition, the legalese that supports a single smartphone can exceed well over 1,000 pages of legal text making it impossible for a product owner to read the terms of use that support the product. 

Published and Unpublished Terms of Use are written in a manner to enabled the technology developer to exploit the product owner and/or user for financial gain at the expense of the product user's civil liberties, privacy, cyber security and safety due to the fact the terms of use do not indemnify the product user from harm.

My Smart Privacy has spent over three years researching and analyzing the terms of use that support connected products.  We can help your organization understand what your organization is agreeing to in regards to the legal agreements that support connected technology, cloud services and online services.

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Surveillance Capitalism- The Biggest Data Theft in the History of the World!

Smartphone, online and connected product users may have already clicked away their civil liberties and privacy rights due to misleading terms of use.  Data driven technology providers have used the legal process to deceive technology users into giving up their personal and professional Digital DNA for free. 

Technology users have become "uncompensated information producers" who are being exploited by the very companies they patronize with their trust, loyalty and hard earned money.

Technology product users do not realize that their personal and professional surveillance data (e.g. location data) and sensitive user data is considered to be the most valuable commodity in today's connected world.

Data driven technology providers use Addictive, Harmful, Intrusive and Exploitive preinstalled ("rooted") technology to surveil and data mine technology users for financial gain at the expense of the product user's civil liberties, privacy, cyber security and safety.

Don't take my word for any of this, former and current senior executives and application developers for Google, Facebook and Spotify publically admit that they develop addictive, harmful and intrusive technology so that they can exploit the product user for financial gain regardless if the user is an adult, child or business professional: