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Is Your Organization Storing Confidential & Protected Information With

Current Or Future Business Competitors Or Companies From China?

Many organizations, government entities and business have no idea of the business model that supports cloud service providers.  Many cloud storage providers employ a predatory surveillance and data mining business model which is a huge privacy, cyber security and safety threat to confidential and protected information.

In addition, many data driven technology providers such as Google, Apple, Microsoft and Facebook compete in many industries around the globe yet many business are storing confidential and protected information with potentially current or future business competitors.  In addition, some of the cloud storage providers that come with connected products such as smartphones, lap top PCs, and Tablet PCs are provided by companies from China.

Often corporate legal professionals are not reviewing the terms of use that support connected products or the cloud storage services providers associated with connected technology, lap top PCs, desk top PCs or tablet PCs supported by the android OS, Apple iOS and Microsoft Windows OS.

CIOs, IT Professionals and Cyber Security Experts need to realize that companies such as Google, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon employ predatory surveillance and data mining business practices rooted in Surveillance Capitalism.

This means these companies view their product users and paying customers as product to be exploited for financial gain at the expense of the product user's privacy, cyber security and safety since the terms of use that support said products do Not indemnify the product user against harm. 

Furthermore, the terms of use contain arbitration clauses that prevent large settlements and class actions lawsuits even if said companies are negligent with the information they are responsible for storing on their cloud servers.

My Smart Privacy can help your organization identify cloud storage providers that pose a threat to privacy, cyber security and safety.

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