Do B.Y.O.D. Programs Save Telecom Expenses or Hemorrhage Time, Money and

Productivity at the Expense of Privacy, Cyber Security and Safety?

Connected products such as smartphones and tablet PCs are supported by addictive, intrusive, harmful and exploitive technology enabling many entities from around the globe to surveil and data mine the product user for financial gain.

B.Y.O.D. programs pose huge privacy, cyber security and safety threats to any organization due to the predatory surveillance and data mining business practices that support connected products.

Aside from privacy, cyber security and safety threats, addictive technology can drive down production and cost the organization time and money while paying employees to play instead of producing.

In addition, employees who drive vehicles while using connected products pose huge safety threats to your organization while putting the life of the employee and public at risk.

My Smart Privacy will help your organization with best practices by setting policies that will mitigate threats while helping employees become more productive. 

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