Cyber Security & Privacy Threats- Surveillance & Sensitive User Data

FCC Privacy Complaint Confirms: "Numerous Third-parties Collect & Exploit Personal & Professional Surveillance & Sensitive User Data Acquired from T-Mobile Telecom Subscribers ("Paying Customers") and Authorized Device Users (Spouse, Children, Employees, etc.)."

The graphics below depict how much personal and professional surveillance and sensitive user data is collected and exploited for financial gain by numerous third-parties that include; Google, Samsung, and T-Mobile plus their respective business partners:

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T-Mobile Admits Smartphones Are Not Private- Cyber Security Threat!FCC Privacy Complaint- Filed by Rex M. Lee In July of 2015 (FCC Ticket#423849 Public Record)

“We, too, remember a time before smartphones when it was reasonable to conclude that when you activated service with T-Mobile that only T-Mobile would have access to our personal information.  However, with the Samsung Galaxy Note, the iPhone, and many other devices, there are indeed a variety of parties that may collect and use information.” — T-Mobile Privacy Team (November 6th, 2015/FCC Consumer Complaint #423849/Public Record Filed by Rex M. Lee).