Open Letter to FCC, FTC, and Elected Officials- Copy: Senator Ted Cruz Letter & Backing Information.

  • Unfair Business & Deceptive Trade Practices- Connected Products & Texas DTPA
  • Cyber Security Threats- Connected Products
  • Consumer and Child Exploitation Threats- Connected Products
  • Privacy Threats- Connected Products

“We, too, remember a time before smartphones when it was reasonable to conclude that when you activated service with T-Mobile that only T-Mobile would have access to our personal information.  However, with the Samsung Galaxy Note, the iPhone, and many other devices, there are indeed a variety of parties that may collect and use information.” — T-Mobile Privacy Team (November 6th, 2015/FCC Consumer Complaint #423849 Filed by Rex M. Lee/Public Record).

Copy of AT&T Letter- President Randall L. Stephenson

Connected Products- Terms of Use and Installed App Analysis

Individuals, business professionals, and govt. officials learn why connected products such as smartphones are a privacy and cyber security threat. Learn how Google and Apple collect and exploit your “Digital DNA” (personal & professional info) for financial gain at the expense of the technology user's privacy.

There Is No Cyber Security Associated With Connected Products and Services!
Breaking News- Letter to Randall L. Stephenson; Chairman, CEO, President- AT&T

Privacy Concerns, Cyber Security Threats, Consumer & Child Exploitation Concerns & Unfair Business and Deceptive Trade Practices

Copy of Letter to AT&T, Backing Data, & Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act Analysis

Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act Analysis

Senator Ted Cruz- Complaint Letter & Proposed Policy Change:

Electronic Bill of Rights

T-Mobile Admits Smartphones Are Not Private.
There Is No Cyber Security Associated With Connected Products and Services!