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About Rex M. Lee

"Knowledge From Experience"

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Mini Bio

  • 35 Years of Wireless Industry Experience (Carrier & Software Development/PageNet/Skytel/INET/NextTel/DCP/Houdinisoft)
  • Senior Executive Wireless Carrier/Software Development Experience
  • Mobile Threat Consultant
  • Business Analyst Consultant
  • Enterprise Sales & Marketing Consultant (Miller Heiman, The Challenger Sale, & Social Media Marketing)
  • Published Writer- Technology, Cyber Security, Consumer & Child Privacy, Mobile Threats, & Surveillance Capitalism
  • Department of Homeland Security Study on Mobile Device Security (Published April of 2017)- Contributor Listed on Page 97 of Report Under RML Business Consulting, LLC
  • Wireless Experience Includes; a) Radio Paging b) Cellular (AMPs/CDPD/GSM/CDMA/Advanced LTE) c) IoT (M2M/SCADA)  d) Enterprise Cellular Software (Houdinisoft- Unlocking & Re-provisioning) e) OEM (Nighthawk Systems- IIoT Devices/Critical Infrastructure)
  • Industry Experience Includes; a) Enterprise Business b) Defense (Space Data Corp- High Altitude Comms) c) Radio Spectrum (Licensed) d) Critical Infrastructure (Utility, Public Safety, Oil & Gas) e) City & County Government- Unified Communication & Collaboration Platform
  • Patent Experience- Software Developer
  • Experienced Public Speaker (Tradeshows & Conferences)

Rex M. Lee

Privacy & Mobile Data Security Consultant/Technology Journalist

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